Second-Hand Cover deal



Do your part for the planet, opt for a second-hand saddle cover!


A little dusty, a little greasy, a little worn?

What if our saddle covers could regain their lost charm?

It was during an internal competition that the teams at CWD had the great, daring idea to recondition second-hand saddle covers. Until now, these saddles – stored by the hundreds – were waiting in warehouses to be destroyed.

How? Quite simply by setting up a partnership with a cleaning company in Dordogne. The brand ensures the costs of cleaning, conditioning and storage. After being washed and cleaned, the saddle covers are then offered for sale online.

Customers can now choose between:

  1.     Buying a new cover or a second-hand cover at 50% off!
  2.     Or you can go one step further and opt for a used saddle purchased online (from the Used section) along with a second-hand cover instead of a new one! This eco-friendly action will be rewarded with a €50* voucher to be used on a future online order.

 An environmentally and socially conscious initiative that benefits everyone!



*Deal conditions


Deal valid subject to availability of second-hand covers and on a selection of used and demo saddles.

A “Take advantage of the eco-friendly deal” checkbox will be presented for each of the saddles included in the deal. If the deal is not shown with the item, it cannot be applied.

The voucher will become valid 45 days after the purchase of the used or demo saddle, for a period of 3 months. If the saddle purchase is cancelled, the voucher will be cancelled.
On the date of the voucher’s activation, a code will be sent to you by email.

Countries included in the deal

  • For the following countries, a nominative €50 voucher will be delivered by email: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Finland, mainland France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czechia, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia and Bulgaria.
  • For the United Kingdom, a nominative £50 voucher will be delivered by email.
  • For Switzerland, a nominative 50 CHF voucher will be delivered by email.

CWD reserves the right to terminate the deal at any time.