Close contact saddle


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The flat seat saddle is designed for jumping providing an optimum close contact feel. It provides the rider with freedom of movement and a centre of gravity according to his riding style. 

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Close contact for you and comfort for your horse: these are the advantages that this close contact saddle provides during jumping thanks to innovations benefiting the horse:

  • Panels fully in contact with the horse's back to avoid pressure points 
  • (less pressure on the transverse spinal process)
  • Three-point girthing system ensuring the saddle's stability and proper fit to distribute pressure over a larger surface
  • The saddle opening around the shoulders frees up the horse's movements

For the rider, only one layer of leather under the skirt (lower cut of the saddle flap around the stirrup bars) and comfort for the rider's abductors (wide pommel).


  • Allows the rider to have more precise actions
  • Wide pommel supports the rider's abductors
  • Comfort for the horse
  • 3-point girthing system
  • Long buckle-guards are sewn to preserve the underneath of the saddle flap from wear